design the space within


We believe that comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive; everything can be comfortable physically and conceptually when designing a space. The intentional design of a room is the best way to add harmony and elegance to the most basic of human needs—shelter—that has now evolved into an expression of our individuality and lifestyle.  Our design favors classic lines, timeless antiques and a healthy touch of glamour, even masculine spaces need a small feminine touch.

We believe that designing a room is an education process, one where you share your lifestyle and desires and we help you purchase the best materials within your budget. We help build a language and cohesion for your space. Together, we create a home that represents your world. We know that quality materials always shine through and last longer than the latest fleeting fad. By breaking down your likes and dislikes we prevent your space from looking overly trendy and quickly dated by incorporating bespoke elements and personal artifacts.

We know that price does not always indicate quality as much as craftsmanship, which is why we always start by assessing the room’s envelope (walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors) and pay homage to the architectural style of the overall structure.