maiya kathryn


ABout Maiya Kathryn

For too many years, Maiya acknowledges that she followed the traditional corporate path rather than forging her own.

Beginning her career working in public relations for the luxury cosmetics industry and also spending time in product procurement and corporate buying for the travel industry, she hadn’t found the right spark. The change she was looking for was really a transition to harness her true passions: design, style, and exploring trends that impact our lives.

Maiya takes pride in being able to identify visual details that others overlook, without losing sight of and appreciation for the bigger picture. She sees beauty – whether in color or form – even when others think there is none to be found on first glance.

The firm’s projects extend from Washington, DC to Connecticut. Maiya lives and works in her 1920’s Victorian home in Hyattsville, Maryland, just minutes from Washington, DC.  She lives with her husband, Ryan, who shares her love of travel. It is very often through these travels and exploration that inspiration strikes her.